It's all coming together like a whirlpool

DO think of blogging as a popularity contest, like everything else in this werld.

DON’T try too hard to be popular.

DO think about the ways in which blogging has changed yr life.

DO give into the tractor beam nerd pull and become a shut-in and live online for a month or two, taking the bare minimum of trips out into the real world—whatever that means for yr situation. For instance, I live in Manhattan so that I don’t have to go outside if I don’t want to, ever. But if you live in the middle of nowhere in Indiana you’ll have to get up to milk the cow and shoot the obligatory hoops before retreating back to the safety of yr bedroom and the innernet for hours on end.

DO say whatever u want, whenever u want to whoever u want.

DO get political without being a pundit. Not to diminish the shocking effect that the emergence of blog pundits has had on the way the so-called “free world” gets its so-called “facts”, particularly in exposing the failings of Big Media to be accountable to the accuracy of the information it packages and sells, but you don’t have to be as meticulous as these kids to get yr point across. Sure, given what I just said and the rising tyranny of the Bush administration and the shocking cowardice of the corporate news outlets as they refuse to acknowledge the gravity of the situation it would seem that there couldn’t be enough armchair analysts and unemployed intellectuals and underperforming middle management and college kids and high school kids getting into the conversation…the investigation and castigation of the Bush Crime Family controlled administration...and it’s true, we need more, more, more warriors to fight the imperialness of Big Media—my point is that if u cant be fuckt cuz yr too high to deal with reality u can still make yr point. For example, “Dear George Bush—I hate yr guts”, typed over and over is great, tho I myself find it difficult to do this as i love all people, even our misguided prince with his King Pukey Pa’s minders who are pulling his cowboy strings and driving us straight into World War III.

DO blog with sand in yr shoes and cum in yr hair.

DON’T apologize for not posting.

DO train yrself to surf the web in many directions at once…launching new windows when u come to a fork in the road…going down THIS path and THAT path at the same time, so that yr brain gets used to approaching the secret hideout of yr deepest thoughts from several different directions at once.

Once these paths are laid, it is a tiny evolutionary baby step towards thinking different things at the same time.

(Meanwhile, when yr co-workers ask u what yr doing u can just answer, “shopping.”)

frack u i luv u 2



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