Instead of surfing I like to think of it as "drawing", cuz it's about creating connections between different points.

My advice is to keep track of the twisting path of links that you follow from one blogger to another. Remember where they come from—the blog posse you found them in. Remember yr first impressions. Sometimes it’s tough—and from time to time you’ll get stumped or draw a blank--a little like playing 6 Degrees of Kevin Bacon—but eventually you’ll remember all the connections. In this way you keep a mental image of yr innernet’s bloggerhood...which helps you maintain and leverage relationships…create partnerships, pool resources, form underground societies.

Comforting thought: U r always and forever a node on a network—it’s not about getting bigger or more powerful--the trick is, to turn yr view of yr network into a privileged vantage point.

The first step towards achieving this is to make everything about yrself invisible except yr gaze.

u r always at the center, no matter how far u fall

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