Stylez for Miles (Dub Hipster Mix)

The Layout isn’t random—it’s the only way it could ever be. Everything from the stars to the fingernail clippings at the bottom of yr trash…

The other day I happened to look through the window of an ice cream shop as I walked quickly past. I saw a teenage boy with perfectly disheveled hipster hair who was about to eat a large chocolate ice-cream cone. I caught him “freeze-frame”, as it were, as he brought the cone up to the white square of his face. He wore a soft and slightly worn looking brown sweater, the color of which exactly matched that of the ice-cream. Just a flash and it was gone, as I kept on my way without breaking stride—but the scene filled me with happy nostalgia, a sugary sweetness made all the sweeter for how momentary it was.

I remembered flat humid afternoons on the train in Belgium, poring over French fashion magazines, ostensibly to work on my French but really to stare at the pix of the chic girlies, and being so satisfied by the glossiness set alight by the long sunrays that hung in lazy, flickering beams across the car: the perfection of the way their lipstick matched their scarves, and their nails were smooth and perfect and the sky above them was gold.

I remembered too, coloring books and crayons and the way I’d sift through the rainbow pile of shavings after sharpening all 64.

Chocolate ice-cream and a brown sweater.

Coloring inside the lines…



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