innernet niggas.

Bloggers I have met in real life do not then become like the other people I know. They remain in a separate category—a social world apart from anything I’ve known before. And by social world I don’t mean their class or whether they come from money. I mean that they represent an entirely new way of being with others.

Innernet friends are always innernet friends, even after you meet face-to-face.

Maybe the difference is not them, but in myself—in the fact that I’m presenting myself completely on my own terms. They don’t meet me through work, or through a mutual acquaintance—there are no filters that I can’t control, or at least that’s how it seems to me. And the difference is enough to give me a confidence. The fearlessness to be shy. The comfort of being known but also brand new. For me this is a state of bliss.

Like seeing yr guardian angel for the first time. They’ve been there all along, u just never got a ferreal look at them—just glimpses and flashes in shadows and reflections…

…nodes and links...blurred stations shooting past on innernet highways and bi-ways…

They are all so sexxxy and fun. So much so that sometimes I feel like an asexual Andy Warhol around them. They’ve come to see me, after all, because of my mind. Meanwhile my entire being is humbled. They are so pretty and sweet and fast—with mouths full of gold teeth and neatly shaven pussies that they take pix of by pointing the camera down their pants as we take pills and laugh and stare and I feel so alive cuz I everyone is three dimensional, including myself. I can’t help but live in the moment, with these beautiful friends who’re traveling on show string budgets while they design beautiful websites and eat where I take them and are grateful—as I am—for the city and the company and the days and nites that we’ve already spent in each other’s company—reading and imagining.

We are different than other people who have “just met”:

The difference is that we’re not strangers.

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