Sometimes the logo is the best part. (the emily dickinson "death is airTIGHT" mix)

I love making logos. Slogans. Rhymes. Doo-dads... Wordy Gurdys. Nick-names. Catch-phrases...insults...

Anything short that packs a PUNCH.

I'm tryin to cold bite a fucked up rhyme here. I'd like to emulate a killer polaroid; or a tiny detail in an epic film...

Pix with words are even better. Especially if they have an enigmatic quality to them. Like this one:

Or this one--in fact, if i'd swap this with good ole Aeon if I could figger out how to change my template:

This one's pretty hot too--kinda encapsulates the spirit of my writing:

I've had text only logos...such as:

Somewhere in space this could all be happening right now.

I lifted that from a sample on an UNKLE track. I really get kicks off of sampling a sample.

This is a good pic to go with said logo:

Of course, there's my OG logo, which I created at a Kinkos one rainy afternoon just before I left rehab:

I cut and paste the letters from a letter I'd scanned, written to me by a girl i went to college with. We nearly hooked up on the last nite of skule--a horrible mistake that left us awkward and shy around each other. It was a long letter filled with small talk and descriptions of Portland, Oregon and about how she was spending her summer as an unemployed hipster--drinking PBR and taking artsy pix of cars on cinderblocks on overgrown front yards.

She never mentioned what happened and she never wrote me again.

She never wrote me again. I used aspects of her personality to create Sterling Fassbinder.

Another of my fave blog logos was short and to the point:

The Velvet Undergound of Blogs.

Which is so correct--like the mighty VU, in some total, prolly only a couple of thousand people were or are ferreal readers of this site. But they are the coolest readers out there. The best of the best.

i luv u guys.

belee dat!


The one Hijacked is referring to, "What you really want is a master." That was said by Jacques Lacan, the French psychoanalyst, who is one of my day one heros.

He said it to an audience of French university students during the tumultous days of the late 60s, when all authority figures were being openly questioned. Lacan was telling the long-haired intellectual rebels that were heckling him from various corners of the lecture hall that what they really wanted was a father figure to tell them NO, this is where your desires and needs end and my dominance begins. Lacan felt that each one of us wants this--we want guidelines for what makes up a clear right and wrong. In addition to this we want to be punished when we transgress...we want an end to the over rich, indulgent exquisiteness of our guilt.

We want someone to wash us.

Bath time.

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