this one goes out to all the peeps out there who cut and paste my words onto their own sites.

this one goes out to the biters and the poseur-dickhead dum-dums, the teeny wheezers and green-faced pukers, the fat kids with leaky guts and trucker butts, the nerdy nose-pickers and masturbators, the porn lovers and human haters, the squares with acne in the shape of big "L"s on their foreheads...

this one goes out to everyone who thinks they'd be better off dead

(who knows u might be right)

to everyone who doesnt know where they're goin or where they've been or what they said

(last nite when u were wasted)

this one goes out to everyone who eats my words and likes how they tasted...

it's cool. take them and use them as yr own.


i'll be dreaming of u when i go outside for my weekly bagel wearing my rawkstar shades and my black on black yankees cap. it feels like im wearing a helmet, like im a secret member of the voltron team.

i'll be dreaming of u inside my dark, private world where there are no last names and no copyrights

i'll be dreaming of u and the love and the happiness and the immense kindness that humans are capable of.

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