As this saga begins it's final lap, i'm beginning to imagine my next character(s).

One of them will be called Pharmakon, aka, The Poisoned Present. She will have the ability to see into the future, but it will be a vision so indeterminate, so devoid of actual information, that it isn't until after the event takes place that the repetitive dream make sense.

For instance, she dreams of a cloud opening up over the Twin Towers and snow softly falling in front of their shimmering frames. It's as though seen from a certain street in Brooklyn near her house...the same street where she and her neighbors would later gather to stare at the smokey shape in the sky on that first and subsequent nights.

Fucking hell, she'd think, lighting a Dunhill Green and flicking her jet black bangs.

This character will be a new face on the old mask of tragedy, asking anew its essential question:

"What good is foresight if u can't see straight?"

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