Trance life in half-light

im using this space to let you know i exist

it was only when i got on the train and the doors closed that i realized i still had the blunt stuck between my ear and my backwards-turned yankees hat. oh shit i thought, cuz i was in shorts and a white wifebeater speckled with syrup stains, no bag and tiny ass pockets. fucking hell, what was i going to do with this philly? i looked from side to side and no one was paying me or the 50 dollars of marijuana behind my ear any attention. the train was filled with families coming home from the beach...there were bare shoulders and spongebob towels and the soft clap of flip-flops on the floor. everyone looked so fat and pink--even the black people seemed to glow pink beneath their skin. there was the smell of mcdonalds and diapers. i felt like an alien or an international criminal wanted the world over under the bright florescent lights. i decided that the only thing i could do was leave the big ass blunt where it was and play it cool...and i sat back and breathed in and out like i was half asleep and in a way i was...the blueberry bud and the sunshine and all the words in my head and on the paper, past the margin of the pages, and the music and the sky and the people

an asian guy standing just to the right of me had on a t-shirt with a giant cartoon apple with an angry looking cartoon worm sticking out with a cartoon talk bubble over his head screaming, "GET LOST!"

"mmmk", i said, as the train moved into high gear and my head nodded back and forth like it wasn't connected to my neck.

I love cartoons.

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