o hells YEAH sterling, fitz and TRUE are gonna be in this jizzload of a book!

It is not so difficult to become another person or two. I set up three email addresses and a couple of freebie websites. I wrote like three different people, using different spellings, turns of phrase and mistakes in grammar. Two girls and one guy. A drag king dyke, a trannie chasing tomboy and a dilettante gay man. They ran around the city and the country and eventually TRUE went to Europe and there were love triangles, and blood and a lot of druggy and drunk dramatics on the part of TRUE and Fitzcarraldo, the tomboy and the fag, respectively. Sterling Fassbinder was an ex-junkie in the process of transforming the energy she used to use on self-destruction into libidinal and creative energy through a process of intense self-reflection, study and ASS TAPPING. An auto didact who never finished high school, Sterling was often lost during the prolonged philosophical debates that TRUE and Fitz had on any number of subjects, from the so-called “end of metaphysics” to Lacanian psychoanalysis to the Husserlian foundations behind Eco-philosophy.

Yet Sterling was the one who lived her life like a poem…

I became three nodes that made a network. They were the conversation in my head and the recurring themes in the different stories I told.

They were parts of me the way my separate organs are a part of me.

They made themselves known thru aches and pains.

books are phun

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