Is a book really the way to go?

I dunno. I have to say Im conflicted. A year ago I’d decided against books in favor of Blogs only. I figgered it was far better to burn out on a freeware-built website than to fade away on a half-pimped and half-cocked Barnes and Ignoble tour… And yet, blogs can not provide the same satisfaction that comes from reveling, even for a fleeting moment, in a beginning, middle and end that is presented as bound and REAL. When you finish a book, the fictional world you were dwelling in rises before you like a skyscraper that u gaze up at incredulously, unable to comprehend the fact that you were just inside.

It comes down for my need for totalities. The only way you can make a blog WHOLE is to end it…

So despite my belief that blogs are the future, I’m writing my book, bit by bit. In it, I plan on showing off some of the tricks I learned out here like a street ball player coming up to the NBA…

I’ve got wit and drive and innernet-honed DEXTERITY.

I work out my brain on the REGULAR with the determination of an athlete.

(u gotta be mentally in shape FERREALS if u smoke the kinda next level, American Beauty, government secret shit that I smoke)


"I think this is the hottest it's been since Punk."

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