im being haunted by google

...or haunted BY something that is getting to me thru google image search i get ominous images filled with symbols of death on all the searches im running. at first i tried to write it off as weird coincidence but now it's fucking with me. it started the other night. i was searching on something and this weird kinda spooky pic of a guy with fucked up make-up on or something that made his chin look like it was being eaten away, was standing on a bed in fucked up nylon underear nad a too short shirt, like for some sex thing. i clicked on the image and it was page not found. i didn't think anything of it until a little later, i searched for somthing else and i saw another pic of what appeared to be the same fucked-up guy. this time he was standing in a living room with a butcher's knife and wearing a jacket and suit pants that were nevertheless too tight and fuck...this is freaking me out. cuz i clicked on that pic and it was page not found.

and there were other pix in the search results...enigmatic pix to which the page could not be found, or else the page was overtaken by google ads...a ghost page, as it were...

fuck im too freaked out to continue right now. it being nightime and all. i know it sounds weird but im kinda scurred to be online.

i just put the tv on. the fox 5 news.

his name had to do with him being the "lord of the flies".

here are some related pix:

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