13 inch television

i have a tv for the first time in a year. as always, it was given to me. i've never purchased a television. someone finds out i dont have one and decides im suffering some lack. i took this one because it isn't too big. speaking of which i like smallville. the story of the teenage clark kent/superman growing up in the heart of the heart of the country, where he was deposited as a baby in a meteor shower that bestowed super freaky powers to people living nearby to where it fell to earh. i like how most people use their powers for cold scheming on means to ends that are never totally justifiable. i like how clark's normal "mom" and "dad" keep him powerless under the structured heaviness of their moral superiority. i like how his best friend is lex luther, who will one day turn into his best enemy...i like how lex's father is a wealthy capitalist who is trying to take over the world with Luthercorp. everyone has a weakness that works like an achilles heel, for clark it is "meteor rock" which we the audience know to be "kryptonite" cuz we know where clark comes from even tho he does not yet. the feeling of fate is overwhelming, unstoppable...yet it also feels delicate, like a million brightly colored newsprint cartoon panels stacked to the sky in an archway leading all the way to metropolis, to the promise and the art decco glory of a skyscraper shooting its newswire load across the horizon like a shooting star...

i like how the teenage fear of feeling forever alone is true in the case of clark kent.

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