Shiny Twinge

blackeyed blonde
"i feel like throwing rocks at people today"--raymi dropped that--it was just the right tight fit at the end of a post about abortion--like a pearl white hand slipping quick n' snug into a black leather glove.

hello america.

im a super sensitive person. i have found i have to monitor my sensory input. sometimes shit slips by--today at my moms i wasASSAULTED by instant death broadcast without warning on high definition tv:

Going into the second turn, Carpenter lost control of his car, which shot up the track and hit the concrete retaining wall backward. The car then bounced back across the track and spun lazily toward the infield.

The yellow flag was thrown immediately and the caution lights started to flash.

Five other drivers — all 20 were on the speedway for the final practice — managed to manoeuvre their mounts past or around the stricken Carpenter before Dana arrived. He apparently couldn’t get past and drove his car into the side of Carpenter’s at an estimated speed of 175 mph.

The force of the collision — shocking in its violence — was reminiscent of the Champ Car series accident in Germany several years ago when Alex Tagliani’s car flew into a nearly-stopped racer driven by Allesandro (Alex) Zanardi and tore it apart.

Zanardi lost his legs in that wreck; Dana lost his life in this one.

fuck you, cnn headline news.

fuck you, car makers and car buyers of the world. im gong to have nightmares tonite fer sere.

...and meanwhile outside this sad and beautiful city is filled with rich drunk assholes howling like they own the place, and insecure assholes who need to put u down before they even know u, people who have to be right even when they don't know what they're talking about and they know it. especially when they know it.

go back to school and recast yr brain

all yr shit is so 1990s.

so pre-9/11 and played out.

so black and white and self-congratulatory

it's good to love yrself but it sere as heck better be a TUFF luv.

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