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origami house

...when the parts equal a (w)hole...

u wonder what other people are like. if they feel the same things u do, if they've known the same loneliness, the same sense that in certain moments the world has turned to wood and gone to sleep.

u r scurred to have people over cuz u know they will judge.

it's a sad and beautiful world, just like in that movie.


fuck the world. fuck it's distractions and its smiley faces and its blue skies over the skyscrapers and i forget the word in spanish but it really does sound like scraping the sky...

then comes that moment where u get so sick with a pain so awful that it makes all the world recede and suddenly all u want is for it to come back, all of the absurdities and meaningless rushing around and the wrappers and trash and back seats and the stench of frying food...u want it all, u want nothing more than to disappear back into it's timelessness.

when u r in pain each moment opens up before u like a canyon...

oh baby

im the young offender

yr the prince among thieves...

i fell asleep on the train while corporate logos passed like silent sentries in the black nite. beautiful shapes with colors i remember from when i was a child and my mother took care of me.

when i awoke i was lying on a stetcher in a hospital hallway. my things were stuffed in two clear plastic bags wedged against my back. my morphine drip was lying on the pillow beside my head.

i could hear two men talking about how it was only right that children get smacked when they did something wrong. luckily the lights above were buzzing louder than their voices. an ems crew clattered past. a baby cried and a phone rang. i didn't know what was supposed to happen next. i didn't know who was supposed to take me to the next place and i didn't know how to get their attention if i did know.

i lay on my back and stared up at the cheap white panels on the cheap drop ceiling.

this is how it happens, i thought.

hey honey u wanna smooth banana milkshake?

u can get it in chocolate too.

--9th and 41st, outside the cupcake cafe.

this picture of a pit bull came up in the results when i ran an image search on hippie vibe for a beef post. maybe cuz of the eyes?

i dont mind animials but i don't want to live with one. i dont want the responsibility and i dont like the way their hair smells. that said, i'd like to have that dog, because it's so amazing looking.

i also dont need/want a car but in the same results for "hippy vibe" there was this page where a dykey looking chick waxes poetic on her new ride...i read it was like, damn that sounds phat as hell...if i had the car AND the dog...i'd be ready to hit the streets fer sere.

yeaaaaay boy...hot ghetto mess, here i come!!

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