killer song

oh, the funny tragedy of me trying to fill up the plastic containers with cajun ketchup from the pump. one pump's worth doesnt seem to fill the container enough and two fills it a bit too much, so that when i put on the little plastic lid ketchup squeezed out and fell in fat drops on the clean metal countertop. i wiped it up real fast but it was all over the side of the containers so it got on my fingers and my palms, which required more thin white napkins from the mirrored dispenser. more and more cuz i cant seem to get all of it. time passes, time in which i feel myself being scrutinized by others but i dont wanna get ketchup on my northface. nosirr. not me.

later i'll find it on the cuff of my jeans like dried blood.

i couldn't make up my mind between which flavor iced tea, so i got a pepsi

it's hard to believe, but this is my wilderness.

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