"i'll give u everything i got for a little piece of MIND!"


sometimes i lean back with a buddha sack and my mind wanders to my ancestor, left all alone in the world as a child after his father was hanged for poisoning and murdering the rest of his family, and for trying to kill him as well, only miraculously my little ancestor hung on...i imagine he was sickly and pale as hell, just like me...alone. sensitive. and strong.

he'd be one of those skinny white boy street motherfuckers now-a-days. one of those mysterious white doods who has a ghetto car and a ghetto name like any other homie. it is not slang to him, it is just the way he speaks. his parents are both "dayed" and he was raised by black aunties.

and he's an artist

he braves the journey to america--

everyday, in his mind

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