so NOT not punk

i am the most gullible fuck, tho

that's why i was able to fool all y'all for so long into thinking i was 3 people.

u gotta know the opposite of what yr doing in order to do it well...

in order to fix things, u gotta know how they break

if u wanna make lots of money, u gotta GET WITH the feeling of having none

if u wanna make people laugh, u have to be tuff enuff to channel the terror of despair

...like this black and white pic of ellen degeneres i pulled out of a magazine

she's brushing her teath and wearing a hoodie and old school pj bottoms

doin the casual dyke thing

it's for an amex ad, but that's on the opposite page.

what's amazing is that in her eyes u can see a stab of unmitigated sadness

a glistening wound--at once delicate yet obvious-- like a bright red square of red thread on an otherwise blue and green medieval tapestry

(the unicorn dies, and we're all to blame...all of us who stand around with our iPods on--watching like dumb deer as the hunters hunt)

in order to feel fully awake u have to live yr own dream--

u have to fall from yr favorite fantasy--u have to fuck death in the gall bladder

the rest is just mixing paint...

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