Kozmic Blues

party people if yr with me where u at? cuz i got those deep space, black-lit, kozmic blues again...those princess and the pea blues, those janis joplin headful of rain and pain blues, those sam cooke, gospel singer with a devil on my shoulder as the nite gets colder blues...i got some cross cultural, polyglot hmmmmmmmmmmyeeah blues--cuz there aint no single set of werds big enough to fit into this pair of denim death metal--these blues are at once too tight and too loose, overplayed and misunderstood, obscure and anthemic...they're trapped in my head and in my body like un-realized urges...busting out on the surface in the form of nightmares and sudden, gut clenching stabs of mystery illness that stuffs my joints with copper wool, piercing the slippery softness of my insides and breaking off in toxic chunks in my bloodstream, till my skin turns yellow and my brain cooks in its own juices, and like the sinusitis afflicted prophets in Rushdie's Midnight's Children or the stoned witch doctor folkloric Gandalf mother fuckers from yr grandma's bedtime stories who vibe out shit before it goes down, these paranormal blues have got me FEELIN earthquakes and tsunamis in my sleep and dreaming horrible scenes of chaos and destruction with no idea of where or when the shit im seein is gonna REALLY happen, if its gonna REALLY happen at all cuz come morning i tell myself, yeah, yeah, yeah, dreams do not equal ESP (or responsibilities) but the dread remains...deep blue and down low, as i go about my business of walking in circles.


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