i am on strike from the rest of america

i am not an american i am a new yorker. to be more specific i am a money makin manhattanite. this morning it was all about the peeps who actually live on this sinkin sliver of an island...an army of black coats and fur muffs and trapper hats and tiny cellies and flowy denim tucked into chunky timbaland boots.

not amused. jaded. crazy.

everytime there's some citywide shit like this im made to understand just how much i belong here.

new yawk city is a city that i feel at home in...:

From the comments page of the TWU (transit workers union) blog:

You guys really have a lot of balls. All you do is drive around in circles. Your job isn't hard at all. You get paid as much as cops and firemen, while much more as teachers. Something is wrong. You're asking for way too much here. Back down and know your roll. You guys aren't as high and as mighty as you thing.

...And this in from Gawker: STRIKE=CRAIGSLIST FUCKFEST

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