Raw like innernet...

Signal Strength/Output Report of Input Potential:

This blog is now broadcasting outward in the shape of an infinity symbol, or maybe it's a curved trumpet, or the outline of the nut sack of someone i used to fuck...

im calling back thru my own past and routing the echo straight thru my Andy Warhol Amplifier©:

Hi... Inbox

xxxxxxxxx to me
More options Oct 25 (6 days ago)


I've been looking at your blog lately and I have to
say it makes for an interesting read. So much time has
passed since we knew each other, but I can still see
glimpses of the you from ten years ago.

I sometimes wondered if we would run into each other
in NYC, and what we would say if we did.

I hope you're doing ok.



i sit alone in my four cornered room starin at candles...

A city scene: She stood on 42nd Street holding her blackberry out in front of her and staring straight ahead like it was a remote control and she was about to change the channel and make the whole city collapse into a neat digital square...

The Pixies are one of those bands that you either love or you hate. And if you love them you'll love them for the rest of your life, so much so that you unconsciously assimilate their musical vibe...u strive to live each day like it's an unforgettable melody: u make yr shit simple, short and hard.

I think the key to writing great pop lyrics is to keep it vague enough so that many people can relate to it while at the same time making the rhymes sticky enuf to remember:

"Letter to Memphis"

The day since i met her

i can't believe it's true

she came here from memphis

across the ocean sailing

and i saw her a i pleaded

why do you come so far and she said

trying to get to you

how i tried to get you

trying to get you

i'm sending a letter

i'll send it right to you

i'll send it to memphis

i know that someday

everything i needed and i wanted

used to be that my head was haunted

and all these sirens they make me mad

and all this violence it brings me down

i feel strong i feel lucky

trying to get to you

said i'm going to get to you

trying to get to you

in yr face like a can of mace

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