The rain falls mainly on the pain.

I can hear my neighbors fuck at night. They are right across the airshaft that separates my building from theirs. Their bed is pressed up against the window and the window is open.

Mostly I hear her, but his grunts are there too, softer, deeper. She is quite loud, yelping and moaning like an animal.

It goes on for awhile…there are no words between them…just the sounds coming out of her that seem less and less conscious, as she sets off from the shoreline of her own body’s pleasure.

She dissolves, regresses...towards the end she is gurgling.

Later on, when it’s over, I still think I’m hearing it, little high pitched yells in the background.

Like microscopic fissures on an otherwise perfectly realized digitized field…

The laser of my mind’s eye lurches…

I don’t want to be an animal.

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