Fuck Reality.

When I was little it didn’t take me long to realize that I was nothing special.

Sure, I was smart…sure, I was cute…sure, I was athletic, but I wasn’t the SMARTEST, and I wasn’t the CUTEST and tho I scored pretty high at all the games, I was never the HIGHEST scorer...

I wasn’t the baddest tuff girl, or the sweetest sweetie pie or the biggest kiss-up or even the nerdiest nerd…I was just kinda there, with my “nice” clothes and my “plain” brown hair and my shy smile…

A boring white girl, with nothing much to say and no one who especially wanted to hear it.

So I spent more and more time staring out the window…zoning out on the asphalt covered playground and the brown, polluted fields that were past them, with the black birds on the black wire and the highway overpass filling out the backdrop…I stared and stared and stared some more at all the things out there until one fine fall day I realized they’d started staring back.

reality, medium-rare.

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