"i am trying to break yr heart"

all my life i've been surrounded by beautiful women, starting with my moms. we're talking real knockouts--the kind that play men like dummies and leave them stuttering. gorgeous, gorgeous women...of course, i've also hung with plain janes and some outright scurry lookin chicks. the thing i find interesting is how the non-beautiful people like to assume that the beautiful ones KNOW that they are beautiful--that for them, looking in the mirror is always this delightful experience that transports them away from the cares and worries of the everyday world. ugly people, even the smart ones (especially the smart ones)cling to the retarded-ass notion that beautiful people don't have any "real" problems...if you want to hear some straight-up visciousness hang near a stoop filled with ugly chicks after a tall, skinny beauty struts by, visibly upset..."what's SHE got to be so fuckin SAD about," they'll say...and go on to tear the stranger into tiny little pieces that they then proceed to stomp and spit on.

ugly looking people want so desperately for the world to look past their looks but when it comes to beautiful people, that's exactly what they refuse to do themselves.

which is why i say, fuck ugly people.

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