queer sex fer straights

that's right...that's the potion im peddlin on this here data trickle. i wanna change the way u fuck. yep. that's my ultimate goal.

now u know, faithful readers. it has been revealed.

k i don't wanna change it just rearrange it. or at least make u think about it again, if u haven't recently.

sure, when people hear the words 'queer sex' they usually think of dykes and fags but queer sex is about a lot of things that have nothing to do with whether yr actually gay or not.

queer sex is often long and messy, with lots of positions and play and laughter and smells and tastes and breaks in the middle cuz yr tired and want to talk and hang out for awhile with the sheets over yr heads like a tent.

...like yr in a secret getaway bungalo on mars, where no one knows yr name...

queer sex is about there not being a fixed to-do list.

queer sex is whenever someone comes. how doesn't matter.

it could be five minutes it could be five hours.

when bill clinton so emphatically stated, "i did not have sex with that woman," what he was really telling america was that "i did not have queer sex with that woman."

queer sex is about spending the weekend in bed together when yr not in the same city.

queer sex is too sweet fer werds. like a plate of chocolate cheesecake and chocolate ice-cream covered with powdered sugar and with fudge sauce zig-zagged across the bottom of the cold, thick plate.

queer sex is about increasing yr awareness of what's happening when u get naked, and not numbing yrself out on beer to give u the courage to take off yr pants.

queer sex is about a woman making love to a man like he's a woman.

...and vice-versa...times 2.

queer sex is not about marriage.

queer sex are the thoughts that just pop into yr head, uninvited and unbidden.

...on the train, in the deli, when yr eating yr mashed potaotoes at the dinner table or listening to the best of steely dan, in which the songs are pretty good, but each one sounds just like the one before, over and over, track after track, time after time, year after year...

queer sex keeps u up at night with yr spiderman panties tied in a knot.

queer sex is about reading the last page first and starting from there.

queer sex is about the fact that u are only given one life to live.

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