can u hear me calling out to u...? i feel like a tone is ringing out from within me. the discordant blast of my desire...like the sound inside a shell, the empty ache sings out in spite of myself, overcoming myself...

(and women have that woman thing...)

i feel like all my cups are broken, all my bells are cracked.

im splintering open at my seed nut center.

(which is when they all leave me)

standing alone

standing alone

like the leaning tower of pisa

with my crooked smile

i front artsy like im mona lisa

a brain teaser

im a blog weaver

i'll guilt-wrap yr better intentions and bottom feed ya

i'll get u so famous yr own moms won't know how to treat ya

im strung out like a knitting circle

sex texts get interwoven

deep like the color purple.


i know i didn't make it rhyme ferreals

but tech-nic-ly im as hard as steel.

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