Never apologize for not posting

Never take yr internet persona(s) too seriously--the fact that u have one at all is a sign of chronic lameness taken to the lamest degree.

The comments are like a neighborhood cookout with u at the grill. Remember that any beef is yrs and to never let em see ya sweat.

Always allow anonymous comments.

Develop a habit of calling outTony Pierce, but only when yr certain it will have a negative effect on yr site.

Write posts on trains, plains and automobiles about the scenes u slip thru...like grafitti u take with u.

Write posts in bathrooms on toilet paper, write posts at weddings on the backs of crisp white cocktail napkins, write posts on pricey handheld devices that u need to constantly justify owning.

Write posts with yr eyes, ears and guts.

Write posts about what turns u on...quickly...before u forget...

Tell all yr secrets but lie about yr past.

Flameout if u need to flameout.

Post pix of yrself naked if u hate big media.

Post pix of yrself broke and high if u luv america.

Fuck old skewl grammar rules based on screwed up capitalist notions, like capitalization

Gun in the window baby, gun in the store. Give me that gun baby, cuz we gotta score.

A blog is not real life...u can go ahead and press delete.

Never forget that when all is said and done, the game is to be sold, and not to be told...so...always keep em guessin....

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