My edges might be raw and bleeding but deep down in my tootsie roll center im rather old fashioned.

Sex means something to me. So does friendship.

My definition of sex is a shared activity between two or more people during which at least one of them cums.

(it's similar to my definition of soda which is something that fizzes when u shake it.)

My definition of friendship is when i decide for someone.

That means that no matter what i'll keep all their secrets and get their back in a fight, and i won't hate them if they get piss drunk and break into my apartment when im asleep and secretly take a piss in the bathroom sink.

it means i'll give them money for a ticket to seattle even though i think it's a bad idea.

it means that when the food comes i won't slap their hand away if they reach for something on my plate

"help yrself," i'll say to them.

(and cuz we're friends i won't even have to say it out LOUD)

it means i'll keep silent and won't ruin the ending for them...

it means that just one minute in their arms is enough

it means that no distance is too far.

i can walk down that road forever...

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