The Loins Dark Twists

Everything is Fair When You're Living in The City.

I'm always amazed when I see a handmade halloween costume with elaborate details, or a parade float covered with rose petals, or a gingerbread house, or a space shuttle made out of sand...or how about a perfectly geometrical jello sculpture done in three flavors?...anything that requires time and care to create but doesn't seem to serve any meaningful or lasting purpose.

that said, i completely understand the urge to create disposable things...especially costumes--the kind that you can keep making into new costumes.

it's putting in all that time and effort that baffles me

before BRANDTRUEBOY i used to ride the trains late at nite and put up the stickers i'd made at kinkos in the afternoon. i had a whole bunch of different ones--im not going to go into that now. what i liked was being out, although it was a totally bogus excuse, as i was just as capable of putting up a sticker in broad daylight. fuckit i'll wheatpaste in front of people. what's the worst that's going to happen? i got chased and screamed at by shop owners but no one else ever gave a damn. it was great and scary at the same time, because i really kept expecting that in the next second someone would try to stop me from putting up page after page of art, but they didn't...it was eye and mind opening--i realized that there was all sorts of space out there, free for the picking.

i love the city at nite

when everyone is out and you walk down the street with that swirly, two-headed monster feeling

i derno...i feel like i'm just receiving the message right about now. i was sitting across from fitz and suddenly his head just kinda trailed out towards the window, all pyschadelic and shit...that's what it's about, that's what the last couple of weeks have been like--i'd be lying if i said otherwise.

the cold just knocks me out; all that steam rising

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