so it turned out to be my dutch pal, jeroen allart who was impersonating kool keith, hera and seduced in the comments. my apologies to all of you. and thx to kool keith for waving a flag... i've caught jeroen posing as me before, but, you know, given the three-ring identity circus i had running on this site until a month ago, i felt like i could hardly justify getting up in arms about it.

but it's quite another thing when you impersonate my peoples.

i don't think you mean any real harm, homey, but you best cut that shit out.


punks jump up to get beat down...trust.


thing is, i was set to believe those comments were genuine, as I was already thinking that i needed to "get a life" when i posted the link to lick's comments, in which tony avoided answering my question about when we were going to chat on IM. that was the option he choose to cyber kiss and make-up with me, after i went off on him about the lameness of lick and he edited one of my comments...i really don't understand why he seems to be avoiding my requests to come up with a time. i tried to email him but it always bounces back--so i posted the link to the comments as a nudge-nudge, hey, are you going to follow through on what you agreed to do?

my time is money. believe me, i feel like i need to get a life when i'm writing posts like this...but there's something at stake here, so i'm not going to just let it go.

here's the thing: tp said he'd have the chat with me if he could post it in the premier issue of lick. fine, i said, cool. (of course, it goes w/o saying that i'll be posting it on BTB as well). i wasn't aware that he was going to then automatically add my name to the list of writers on lick, but fine. in the interest of putting negative shit behind us, i didn't say anything. but if we aren't going to come up with a concrete date and time then i want my name off. ya smell me? pronto. because i don't put ANY of my names--fake, "real" or whatever--onto anything by anyone who doesn't stick to their word.

mmmmmk? you with me, tp? it's going to be fun, c'mon...at least, that was the whole point when i came up with the idea. and not to brag or anything, but you KNOW lick could use a yard or two of my flow.

(if you recall we were both supposed to have puffed on the peace pipe prior to IMing...but if you're about doing it straight, that's cool too)

so let me know...or don't...

but don't front with me

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