RE: The MixtapeCD.

I finally figured it out. There will be three CDs, one for each character, with songs that reflect their personality and drug of choice, or, in Sterling's case, former drug of choice.

Sterling Fassbinder=The Smack Mix

TRUEBOY=The Weed Mix

Fitzcarraldo=The Coke Mix

Those of you who gave me your addresses will be getting these mixes in the very near future. That's three times love, party people.

And if I don't have your address and you'd like some free shit, please drop me a line.

The zine's almost finished too. The idea has been to send the mixes with the zine but now i'm so excited about the music that I might just HAVE to get them in the mail.

Of course, my excitement will probably fade in a few hours, and I'll got back to zoning out and staring at the wall.

...am i getting dissed or is he just shy?

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