You’re it

No, you’re it

Say it

Don’t spray it

Spinning desire

Spinning desire

Spinning desire




OK so I went overboard and made 12 different mixes. My plan is to rate them in order of tightness and send the top two to you.

Tightness btw does not only have to do with the songs in and of themselves but with the order of the tracks, the way they work together to emanate a vibe and make you read between the lines. But if you’ve ever made a mixtape than you know that, and who the hell hasn’t made a mixtape before? Like for a girlfriend or a friend who was leaving town? It’s a good way of talking without opening yr mouth. Like Nick Drake sings on “Hazy Jane”:

if songs were lines in a conversation,
the situation would be fine.

(spinning desire)

imo music is about sharing a sensation that can’t be guaranteed through words which is why I’m sending out the mixes “Music From and Inspired by the Blog” in the hope that you can go a little deeper with me.

In the hope that…I don’t know…in the hope that we can all stand, yearning together

There are people just like you in every country, in every city, in every strip mall, on every gated

(glad you made it)

burning together


oh, blockbuster!

I gotta apologize, it’s like, some Charlie Kaufman, Adaptation level shit that I’m bringing to you. Don’t worry if you don’t know what’s going on. Nobody does. We’re all Mr. Jones here, including me, except I also happen to be playing the part of Bob Dylan. Only for the matinee, though, so don't scalp those tix yet. I’m my own meta version of myself, my time is perpetually out of joint (no pun intended), my communications with my innermost nodes are stressful. The truth of the matter is, I'm making power moves right now and some people are getting upset. I can feel them out there--half-enraged, half-dazed as they stare in wonder at my stage/page....i already ate one blog on my prop list and I might have to make room for more…it's all about binge/purge, fuck/birth--like the whole site is ending and beginning at the same time. BRANDTRUEBOY is a butterfly—it’s a flower that can’t take root.

It’s everything's happening at the same time and i'm going to have to turn myself inside out to get it to y'all but if that's what it takes…



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