right-on, katie.

real bitches do real things, with or without the hits.

and the fact that big daddy asked raymi to be merely one of many in his girl gang gaggle is like asking the brightest, most beautiful blue-white star in the night sky to come down from its throne, millions of miles high, and shine amongst the cheap and sputtering bulbs that illuminate the parking lot of the local Home Depot.

yeeeeeeeeeeah. that's right. pouty propmaster, represent.

and why shouldn't you feel safe? it's not like you live in nyc, for fuck's sake...

in the words of one of the great west coast MCs:

"you betta check yoself before you wreck yoself."

ladies, it's the year oh-four, time to go for YOURS.........

(cuz big dicks in your mouth are bad for your health)

fuck pimps.


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