raymi really liked these pix when I first posted them, and I really like raymi, so I’m posting them again in the hope that she’ll like them again.

“is that you?” she asked and I could tell by the way she wrote it that she was impressed and so it was a real downer to have to say, “no.”

I think the pix were taken by Lydia Lunch, a mover and shaker in a century of fakers.

I stole them, which I thought was highly appropriate as they accompanied a post about how I was spending my afternoons robbing trailers for drugs and processed food with a gang of violent hippies in Arizona. Those were the days, party people. Well, not really, but when viewed through the funhouse mirror of time and distance they almost COULD be.

I remember thinking to myself, fuck Lydia Lunch if she’s sold out and bitch trips about not getting proper CREDIT on a shitty little nothing site like mine.

She doesn’t own those scars.

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