i'm gonna set it straight this watergate

that's right. i'm an asshole. in high school i got my kicks by running up behind people and beaning them with an egg. "it's a yolk, don't you get it?" i'd shout, laughing hysterically.

they never did.

fuck it, party people. maybe i'm too ahead of my time. or maybe i was just hungover and pissed off. at any rate, stacey's his own, real person, as far as i can tell. i was just fucking around and trying to say that he's my boy. i like his hazy daisy style. whatever.

i have to say that it's kind of flattering that people thought i could, like, pull off being more than one person at once. that's some jedi master shit.

but the part about minneapolis...that part's true, it doesn't exist. that whole twin cities thing is a big myth, yo. go see for yourself: all that's there is an airport, y'all, a big monster of a mall and some little shithole called st. paul.

i kick rhymes, just for fun

brooklyn, new york is where i'm from...

if you don't know, now you know...

werd werd

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