riot act

yo. put your comments back. you had em up for a hot minute. i've things i'd like to say to you, man.

you too. and fuck whoever was stalking you and posing like you in other people's comments. the comment-spammer (love the phrase, though). listen, most comment freeware lets you check IP addresses. the for fee shit definitely should--if it doesn't i don't know what the fuck you're paying for, but OK. you just give us the address(es) and we will find the person(s). i mean, we do this shit for kicks ANYWAY. sterling is an IT guru for fuck's sake. (ha! nerd!) she knows every trick in the book.

i'll fucking kick the very real and non-cyber identity ass of anyone who comes up in my piece, or the pieces of anyone listed on the left. or right if you use mozilla. ha. sike. (champagne bub-bel-lin, causing mad troub-el-in...) jim, you've got to tell them to fucking fuck off or they'll be persecuted. that's right. no, i didn't mean prosecuted. i don't care who you are or where you live. i've got peoples world over and i've kicked the asses of losers for less than the shit that went on during that moxie.nu vs. moxiepop debacle. those fucking moxie.nu/ dawn/weiss/ reading, self-righteous, anonymous idiots made a girl lose her FUCKING JOB. or maybe it was even one of the afforementioned bloggers who did it--who the fuck knows? there should have been a much bigger deal made, but the reason the internet didn't run to moxiepop's defense is because she's a pudgy republican girl with junior high-esque dyed red hair and big tits, while moxie.nu is the supposed embodiement of the consummate educated californian, albeit still with the requisite blond hair and slim figure. she has elfin features that in photos are generally half-obscured by her hair or by shadow, which makes me suspicious that she might be misshapen.

the whole thing is such bullshit it's hard to believe, even now. moxie pop (who was here and is now over here, btw) was accused by moxie.nu of stealing her name/identity. of course, moxie is not really her legal name, nor is it a registered trademark belonging to her. it is however, a trademark belonging to a 1930s soft drink. the drink must have provided a good deal of pep, because the noun "moxie" came to mean courage, determination, and know-how.

if anyone should have been upset about the use of "moxie", it should be the person who owns the "moxie" trademark. actually, there wouldn't be any real reason for them to be upset--all they'd have to do is call their lawyer. i didn't go to law school, but i don't think the trial would be a long one.

it's the same thing as if I had the cocacola. nu blog and then got pissed off when someone else started the cocacolapop blog. that's how retarded it was. then you have to throw in the fact that moxiepop had never even heard of moxie.nu, who is so used to her sycophants sucking on her cyber teets that she was apparently unable to fathom the possibility of someone having not stumbled across her inflated internet ego and proceded to accuse the startled conservative of lying.

the whole thing got immensely ugly at that point, with attacks launched from both sides. i'll spare you the whole sick story suffice to say that in the end, the army of moxieminions marched into pink slip victory, goose-stepping and chanting california uber alles and we are all individuals... hold-up. i'm being too harsh, doth protest? yes, ok. perhaps their hearts were filled with only good intentions as they faxed their slanders to moxiepop's boss. (that's right, party people, i'm being for real). i guess they figured that since their mascot once got canned, it was only correct and desirable (for larger purposes of symmetry, you see) that moxiepop also get the ax. maybe they think that's what "moxie" means! "she who gets fired".

anyway, the icing on the poop cake is that during all of this, the moxie.nu automotons also decided to fuck with jim treacher and ultrab. like, what's your damage, heather? i'm sorry but it's pretty clear that jim and keith write circles around moxie.nu. they had both been online friends of hers, too. they weren't being disloyal--they just fucking disagreed with what a bitch she was. they wanted her to apologize. oh, but nein! we are all individuals! we're the spiritual denziens of the decidedly non democratic state of the blogosphere. don't you know we were on channel 13! the internet is getting us a job! we're going to have careers! maybe even working for arnie! did you know that translated literally his last name means "black nigger"! that's just a little 411 for you! isn't that what blogs are all about! coming up with crunchy tidbits and sucking teet! you must attack those who disagree with the false beauty and false vulnerability of the falsely (and most likely, illegally named) "moxie".

and god forbid you use the same false and illegal name and refuse to give it up when demanded to do so. heil! jetz! we'll really make you pay then, mother fucker.

anyway, the whole thing just undulates endless hilarity. like how the moxieminions stepped to kool keith and tried to say he wrote like he was in junior high and school marm-ing him about not using "correct" grammar, as though that somehow made him undeducated. helllloooo...stupid white people. ultrab is on some next level. wake up and smell the new millennium. my homie's a fucking blog of note and you're just...anonymous?

(ha! fuck. the boogie down bottom of that pipe must have had something else in it for me to flameout on irrelevant shit such as this, but whatev.)

it's saturday, yes saturday...chillin on my back cuz it's saturday...

go yanks.


EDIT: 10/12

the comment spammer is not the same as the comment poser/stalker. the spammer is an actual spammer (funny that) who leaves links in comment boxes to sites hawking various merchandise. sorry for the mix-up, and thanks to jim for clearing it up.

p.s. i am a girl--at least that's what the genitalia seems to imply.

p.p.s. love it.

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