Some may think it’s masochistic, but I’ve grown to love my shifts at the jurk storr...

I can’t lie—I like to dish it out. But I also like to take it.

Send me a back door delivery, party people—I’ll be ready to sign for it, everytime.

I’ve always got a pen on me—ask Jamie.

Just click right there where it says “comment” and give it to me good.

Give it to me two times, give it to me with only your first name, with a made-up name, with no name…

(use me abuse me dress me up in stussi)

(oh, baby I like it raw)

Give me your pain and your suffering and your white guilt and your date rape fantasies and your lies and your bad dreams and your coming downs and your cranking ups and your failed ambitions and your hate and your day job hell and your erectile dysfunction and your overweight boyfriend and your ice queen girlfriend and your losing baseball team and your LACK OF FAME AND IMMORTALITY

just please don’t hold back don’t front don’t stop

scroll down…look me in the eyes…

remember, i asked for it.

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