i'll take the super-deluxe, please...with the manifesto mix

Stencil 'repetitive beats' across the storefronts, over and over...

Find a brand new way of saying 'fuck the world' and you'll have enough money to buy the top floor of a midtown skyscraper.

I swear, party people, we need more, more, more MORE if we're going to take it.

This is no time to relax--despite how much scotch you've been guzzling.

Fuck those paypal wannabe hack sites with their lame "about" blurbs and obligatory big blog links.

Yes, I fucking judge those lawyers and freelancers and washed-up dot-com babies and their lame-ass pedestrian blogs.

They think they've got it all figured out with their perfect punctuation and their spellcheck and their hundreds of thousands of hits, but they're forgetting one crucial fact as they round the corner for home:

The Internet is for Losers

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