backmasking coke machine

sterling was the one who first came up with the idea to search google and google image using the kind of fucked up phrases that i find in the sitemeter referrals. i go fishing with a tangle of words hanging limply from the hook of my browser, hoping for a bite.

"pass the dutchy", "loose and lascivious", "deep ocean nightmare"...i comb the periphery of the web, creating my own index by posting the pics that i find (although perhaps find isn't the right word, as they were never really lost, and i was never really looking for them because i didn't know they existed) and filling in the gap between different worlds and different understandings. for instance, those jurk storr pics of the white guy with the lollipops came from some finnish popstar's site that i found by searching google image for "drugstore dream". once i translated the page into english i learned that he was a eurovision finalist and these were the behind the scenes from his latest video shoot. i never, in a million years would have come across the site by looking for it, but now the two of us are linked by the symmantic web, where the search-er becomes the search-ee in the electronic blink of a google bot's eye...

i google therefore i am.


it's like some borges' Tlön, Uqbar, Orbis Tertius shit. check that short story out, party people. it's about a parallel universe in which metaphors are facts and facts are metaphors. here's a quote:

One of the schools in Tlön has reached the point of denying time. It reasons that the present is undefined, that the future has no other reality than as present hope, that past is no more than present memory . . . Another maintains that the universe is comparable to those code systems in which not all the symbols have meaning, and in which only that which happens every three hundredth night is true.

borges was definitely on some magical south american next level shit. me, i've got to puff weed to get real deep like that.


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