i'm deep into this mixtape. and by mixtape i mean mixCD, obviously. we live in the digital age. information moves fast. pro-liferating like nuclear radiation. laser shit lights up individual air molecules in specific patterns--giving objects you see and hear that special shimmer.

samsung, you don't stop.

sure the technology's great and all but c'mon already the beats on CDs sound like shit. they disintegrate at the end--the tops of their heads blowing off like dandelion fuzz. it makes me feel kinda sick, party people. sick in my ears--the inner canals vibrating with distortion. i've got to yank off my headphones and take a walk, clear my head a little. maybe even say that's all for now, but then, the next time it rains or i feel like dancing alone in my head, you best believe i'll be back with my case logics, feelin for the next track.

i think im going to end up dividing the mix into several cds.

i'll send out different parts of the whole to you all.

the party people


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