la isla bonita

now i know how anti and raymi felt when they ran away from the world and battered the hatches of their hotel room and refused to let anything but glorious hot tub water touch their rock star skin. the three of us are here in puerto rico total fuckin whirlwind style at the el san juan hootchie mama hotel (room 311--call, send flowers) courtesy of fitz and fitz's daddy and novartis one of the biggest asshole pharmaceuticals in the world and i'm so cool because even though they're footing the bill and i have nothing to do with their cancer conference and i'm riding high on their free xanax i can't even be fucked to spell their name. norvatus, norvartis--yourfarttits? whatev party people every day is like labor day. i'm waiting on a quarter pound, sterling is shriveled to a prune and fitz almost got arrested for opening a bottle of stoli on the plane.

hope all's good in the hood ate some mofongo last night and compounded with the three thousand coco locos that i drank i'm about to shit my pants.

staring into the void is good but being pretty vacant is better. big shout to stacey g.

jamie you were in my dream.

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