go slower,

till your heart stops

and you go leaping off the edge

I spent this weekend making things for my friends

(they're in my head)

i lived out the swell of a synth chord

something beautiful and cinematic

something by Air

or Echo and the Bunnymen

some 'why can't i be you?' shit

party people

a pattern is emerging. a way out through the labyrinth:

there are knowing looks on the sneltram,

my url's scrawled on bathroom walls

like a dirty name

(i'm bout it, bout it)

some anonymous someone hung pix from the website on the supermarket help wanted board

where they stuck out like psychotic postcards,

lovingly printed on pink and blue paper,

run off on a cheap laser jet

homemade, yo.

pinned with tiny silver pins.

i couldn't think of something better--a more apropos dissemination of the message.

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