Yanqui Blues on the SnelTrain

(Sung Altogether as we Round the Bend.)

The buildings fell away like cards as we rolled round the bend. I was on my way to Delft, a blue roofed town once imagined by Vermeer. We passed a hill covered with bare brown trees whose brown branches reached into the light at its crest. A little further along the tracks and the Earth opened up and the sky filled the train window—a grey, misting sky, in the middle of which something mysterious swung in and out of view. In fact at first it wasn’t anything for certain--just the shadow of something. It happened again. I didn’t know what it was but I knew something was flying about in the air over there. Oh my God, I thought, I’m seeing cartoon shit drop out of the sky, just like that time in Omaha.

I leaned back—my heart felt like it was stopping--even after I realized what it was that I was looking at: the slow, reluctantly turning turbine blades of the modern windmill. It was like a monster in the mist, Godzilla bringing his arm down in slow motion, turning a Tokyo skyscraper into Styrofoam dust right in front of our eyes. It moved through space like time itself, arcing gracefully (the time will come one day) and then spinning back down, domino style (walking alone in my own way).

“Yellow is the color of sunrays.”
I was the Don. The windmill was my destiny.

My camera’s broken and my laptop’s stolen. Someone was trying to break into my blogger account so I changed all the passwords. Sorry F & S, I’ve taken over for the time being…

The train passed rows of low lying buildings with colourful trim and rain soaked rooftops. I saw the letters, “SAME” spray painted across the side of one. A lavender sports car raced along on the highway, cloaked in our shadow.

We passed a long green field in the middle of which a single swan sat picking its butt.

Hopefully, whoever stole my laptop will have it stolen from them, in order to keep the wheel turning.

As for me, I'm slowing myself the fuck down...smoke if you got em.

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