Jamie of this here known universe/gotham pictures i don't know what the blog is calledthought I was dissing him by linking him to "most cheated" but I was just high. OK, that's an excuse, another lie piled up like the cigarette butts in the ashtray in front of me. In all honesty I don't know why I thought he'd make a good "most cheated", maybe the sad, sleepy look in his eyes in the pic:

Anyway, i don't know why i'm explaining myself. i don't really do that anymore...so let's just say it's all about the picture...and the morning of 9/11...before anything happened. On Grahme Ave heading towards the subway. Man, I know it sounds all cryptic and drugged out but i think it was you...walking ahead of me with the same jeans as the picture. You had a book or something in the back pocket and I remember thinking, "damn, i wish i had jeans that fit like that so a book would stick out of my back pocket just the right amount..." It was early and the sky was that perfect blue. I'm not usually out and about and sober at that hour so i was taking in the whole scene like a visitor from another planet.

Maybe it wasn't you and i'm making a fool of myself...Maybe i just want it to be you because the back of that guy has been stuck in my head ever since that fucked up day and if fate brought me to him again, especially when we're both thousands of miles from brooklyn then maybe i'll have another scrap of evidence that fate exists on its own, without the need of silly poets and drunken rappers and one man (or woman) bands to make it up. I want to enlarge the picture and then enlarge it some more and then some more after that just like in the movie "Blow-Up", but it's digital, so all i'll get are a swarm of pixels, not an explanation for the murder...

whatever, i'm going to sleep my head is filled with styrofoam.

...most weeded...

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