Core Conditioning at the trailer park with the boys

We broke in. Turned the rusted hotplate on high and made macaroni and cheese and hot dogs and drank shitty lite beer. I had a pain in my chest as I went through the kitchen drawers, looking for drugs. It felt like my lungs were stuck together. The boys laughed and called me a pussy as I leaned against the thin ass plastic wall. Outside the trailer the sky turned dark pink (rhubarb) and then a pale violet (all the stars were just like little fish). The boys stripped down to their underwear and rubbed bronzing oil on their bodies. They were going to give themselves movie star tans. Orange handprints covered their pimply backs like a secret language. I took hit after hit on a dirty inhaler that I found behind a box of Frosted Flakes.

It was like some kind of psycho film noir flick, but for the bluegrass playing.

(The T Stands for Terminator)

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Caldwell said...

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