Brett Lamb off the prop list

Hey man,

No doubt you're a smart and creative guy, and I love the Flash--that's what wowed us all in the beginning--but enduring the overwhelming lameness of your site requires more strength than I can muster. Word, I'm not going to go in deep with my criticisms unless you ask me to, but let's just say that it's encapsulated by the daily "slow song" entry. It's not like I argue with the song selection or that I don't find it a little bit sweet the way you stick to the formula "...at 70% normal speed." It's just lame that you do it at all. No one ever leaves a comment. They'll leave comments for other posts, just not the slow song ones. It's like they're trying to forget about it.

Actually, I almost left a comment about a slow song, once. It was the duet between Bjork and Thom Yorke, "I've Seen It All" at 70% normal speed. I was going to write, "How did you know?" but I never got around to it.

Oh, and the crap about Raymi...i don't give a fuck about worst means best and the Weisblott poll or any of that--it was the tone you had and the way you continue to write about it, as if you're gloating which would be strange because you didn't win anything...the whole thing just left a bad smell on you, like you've got poo-poo shoes now and we all know it.

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