when all else fails i go out into the city and start walking. that's one of the main tricks i learned in AA. when in doubt, keep moving. if i'm in a lot of trouble i'll walk for days. you can do that in new york.

the city is filled with the most fresh faced, beautiful women you've ever seen. they move towards me slowly--dramatically,like horses in a dream.

star quality is what makes them walk like that.

they live and play here, and every door to every secret place is opened for them.

they don't stop can't stop wont stop

they stay up late and party and by the next season the rings under their eyes turn even darker and they're in all the worst places doing line after line of heavily cut coke and swearing to god that this time they are certain that next time will be the last time--the kind of promise that is made by a lonely fuck who doesn't know the way back to her shitty apartment in east williamsburg.

...and more new girls arrive everyday.

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