wow. this new template and the beautiful weather has got my mind in the gutter.

april is the cruellest month and this layout is the baddest ass...

mixing memory and desire,

cartoons and fucking...

Tiny Vices.

the hottest love story in the world are two people who want each other so badly but never get to do it.

like the 18 yr old spanish girl

who i met through her skateboarding brother

when we were all eating oreos on his stoop:

she won't let me or anyone else fuck her.

she's a virgin--saving herself for something she believes in

(i haven't bothered to ascertain what)

i more interested in hanging out.

sitting slouched in her ikea desk chair in my tank top and men's trousers...

my legs spread

waiting for her to wiggle out of her panties and stretch out on the bed

as the air shaft hums

and the sirens wail

and the camera makes a funny whirling sound as i turn it on.

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