brand new headphones.



you've got to be ready to die, that's what you always say.

yes, it's biggie smalls, i know, but you are the one who says it...

you can never get the party started by playing it safe.

you have to be always on the verge...you want your celluloid smoldering around the edges as though at any moment you might disappear in a puff of smoke.

look, the point is--don't you dare go middle class on us, TRUEBOY...

where are the new ideas?

where's the revolution?

we've got to put our heads together, and start a new country.


viva la hash pipe!

viva la remote control.

viva la undertow...

that's otay, cookie. you know i love you. now excuse me while i go cough and get off...

retroactively yours,


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