To the Girls of the World on the Day After Valentine's Day:

This one goes out to you

and you and you and you and you...

oh, you pretty, irrepressible things--

you are a sea of flashing waves in my mind

hooked like horses' heads

as you near the shoreline of my dyke wet dreams...

i can see the current in your eyes

the ebb and flow

the drift and the downward spiral...

i.e., The Struggle.

i see you--

rich girls with long silky hair pulled back by a polished wooden clip

poor girls with champagne-flavored lollipops and nothing much to lose

except freedom.

white, black, red, yellow and grey girls...

girls with asses that taunt

and asses that pout

white girls with black babies out on the stoop

black girls singing back-up for pale white english dudes...

i see you on the sidelines

in your plain, tight dress and your perfect make-up

trying to tell the world the truth about love

how its not a fairytale at all...but a rock n' roll concert

loud and obnoxious and destructive

triumphant, insane and tons of fun

your agent might not return your calls, or else tell you to your face that you're not skinny enough or young enough or that your looks push too far and your sound is murder on the senses...

your man might think it's "cute" that you get "so worked up" when you talk about art and your kids might treat you like the hired help and the train might pull away and leave you in the rain but you're still a princess to me...

i'm by the window where the light is.

i've got my hand in my pocket

and my hair in my face

i've got money and i've got time

i want to stand in the doorway while you try on clothes

i want to take you on a cruise

make you dinner and tuck you in

and keep you safe from harm...

i want you to teach me how to be

i want you to give me the weight

cuz i can take it

i want you to dance around in your panties

i want you to bring the ice-cream to bed

i want you to show me all your secret spots...

i want to ask you

if i can touch you there.

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