i'm sick. so sick i can barely walk from one end of my apartment to the next. i just have to pull myself together enough to get to the ghetto doctor for some meds. it's cooked brain, fever limbo times like this that i wish i had a TV. i mean i've got one but when the hijacked cable was turned off i said fuck that. i watched TV the way i went to antonio's site--always complaining about the shit that was on, but watching anyway.

the funny thing is, i think TV has the potential to be the best artistic medium. that's why i'm so fucking picky about it. in my own small way i feel like i'm working towards the moment when it all just comes together. all of it. the reality shows, the multi-player web games, blogs... someday, when i have my BRANDTRUEBOY® corporate office on the top floor of a glass skyscraper, the front lobby will be wallpapered with glowing TVs, each of them half a millimeter thick. and the shit that they're showing will be exactly what you want to see, at exactly that moment, even if you didn't know it yourself.

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